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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

t:slim pump and the only issue that is bugging me

The alarms, they suck.  Tandem Diabetes Care you REALLY need to fix that.  The alarms will only vibrate or beep once and then it will beep or vibrate again however minutes later.  The singular beeping or vibrating doesnt cut it.  The vibration is completely worthless, its barely noticeable.  I can HEAR my Dexcom vibrate a mile away, I can not only NOT hear my pump vibrate but I cant FEEL it either.  When you plug the thing in to charge it, it beeps twice and vibrates twice, THIS IS WHAT I NEED THE ALARMS and REMINDERS TO DO!! PLEEEEEEEZE!  I use the 2 hour post meal BG reminder and the missed meal bolus reminder and I NEED TO HEAR THOSE!  Oh and another issue, you cant turn the 2 hour reminder off for certain meals, its just on all the time and after every single bolus you take, you get a post 2 hour reminder.  That kinda sucks too.  Oh well.

Other than that I LOVE MY T:SLIM PUMP!! LOVE. IT. The set changes are different but not really all that big of a deal. Also I have no idea what setting is different or what is causing this but MY BLOOD SUGARS HAVE GOTTEN BETTER?! What....you say, yes, they have gotten better.  Maybe it the way the insulin is dosed or the way they figure active insulin or something, I dont care, my blood glucose readings are improving.  Maybe its the stupid (I say stupid because it seems like such a simple thing, but I LOVE it) calculator on the bolus screen...God knows I dont do math for crap in my head and even adding it up on my phone, I forget sometimes because I have a baby screaming at me.  MAYBE its the fact that I can add up everything on the screen and then shut the screen off while I am still deciding if I am going to eat all the food and then it reminds me that I left off without doing anything and in that moment I remember, DUH take your insulin even though your 6 month old baby is in the middle of a melt down! 

I love my pump TANDEM DIABETES CARE, but fix the DOG GONE ALARMS!!! 

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