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Friday, August 23, 2013

Pros and Cons of my new t:slim pump...so far

  •  Bolusing is so much easier with the built in calculator that you can add up carbs on, yes you can add up carbs on this pump! Also when you are bolusing you can decide if you want the pump to give you a correction or not.
  • The ease of setting a delayed bolus/dual wave or square wave...the way you can select it on the menu is great.  I am going to use this when to counteract the fact that this pump doesnt subract insulin unless you are below 70.  So if I am say, 75-80 I will start eating and then delay my blous for 15 minutes for the full 100% of the dose.  
  • The ease of charging this pump everyday for me is a non issue.  I take a shower every morning, so when I unhook it, I just plug it in when I set it on the window ledge of the window in my bathroom.  Why do I use such a strange location you ask?  Well you see I have these awesome cats that like to be acrobats and when these awesome cats decide to jump up on the bathroom counter they typically knock all things down.  So my $6000 medical device is just not safe there AND one of these awesome cats has also in the past CHEWED THROUGH my pump tubing.  Yeah that moment in my life was not awesome, I happened to be pregnant and napping on the couch.  I found it before it became a huge disaster.  So the pump rests up high on the window ledge safe from my acrobatic cats and their chewing abilities!  I have gone to work without my pump once, but since then I check every single day before walking out the door.  I have a checklist I say in my head: phone, wallet, keys, dexcom, pump, glucometer case, glucose tabs, my lunch and jug with ice cubes in it (I drink a ton of water at work).  
  •  The so far awesome reps and customer support.  My territory rep and CDE rep from Tandem are great and can answer all my questions!  I have met both of them..Nathan and Lisa you guys are great!  (I am still trying to get one of them to leave a dang comment on my blog, jeesh its like pulling teeth)  I was down to 75% battery and in 15 minutes it was at 100%, not a big deal at all!  You can also charge the pump while you wear it, say on your way to work in your car!
  • The screen lock, you have to tap three circles in a row to unlock it AND if you tap anywhere you are not suppose to three times it shuts the screen off and locks. 
  • Quick bolus is a neat feature.  You set it up and when you hold the top button and push it so many times you can take a bolus without looking at the pump.  So if you have your pump somewhere where you dont want to take it out of you can do this through your clothing.
  • Entering your blood sugar is so easy, you just tap the numbers and boom, done, NO MORE SCROLLING!  
  • Entering carbs is so easy as well, you tap the numbers, again NO MORE SCROLLING!
  • I love the sleekness of this pump, the ease of reading the screen and just having it in color is nice as well. I dont feel like I am using a pump made 20 years ago anymore.
  •  The vibrate mode is much too weak, I dont feel it at all.  I feel my dexcom and my cell phone with no issues...the pumps vibrate mode stinks.
  • The beep and or vibrate only goes off once at a time.  This stinks.  My MM pump would vibrate or beep three times in a row I think.  This is what my brain needs to realize, hey you, yeah you attached to me here down in your pocket, I am beeping and trying to get your attention.  It will keep going off but in a loud environment I would never hear it and maybe after it vibrates a bunch of times my brain will realize it. 
  • The bolus calibration only subtracts insulin if you are below 70...you can counteract this feature but it should be based on whatever you want it to be at.  I am super sensitive to insulin so when I am 70-85ish I need to subtract. (crap my bloodsugar is low now, dang it)
  • They need a slimmer lower profile clip, all the freebies I got are awesome but for me they stick out a little more than I am use to.  I will adjust though in time. 
  • Cartridge changing and filling the tubing takes a little bit longer but its nothing you cant adjust to.  The tandem CDE, Lisa, suggested filling the cartridge and then letting it start priming the tubing and then change your set out while you wait for it.  I am going to try this technique for sure.  I have yet to change my stuff out since I am on day THREE only! 
  • It kind of stinks there is no linked meter but I would prefer the linked DEXCOM over that any day so I guess I can let them off the hook on that one because not carrying the receiver for my Dex would be SWEEET! The Vibe overseas doesnt have a linked meter either so its not like they would be the only one on the market without it.
Thats all I can think of for now. I will keep you all posted if anything else pops into my brain.

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