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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

McDonalds, I love you but I hate you!

So I will just go ahead and rat myself out, I just ate a 106 carb lunch from McDonalds!! HOLY CRAP! Yep, thats right I just couldnt stand the way my bird food lunch sounded today. We will see how terrible the aftermath is after experimenting with a dual wave bolus for the stupid french fries. Fries kill me every time without fail so thats why I hardly ever get fast food or fries but today my will power went on vacation.  So of course now my stomach is mad at me for the abundance of fat that I just ate, but it tasted so good dagnabit! We wont even talk about what my Dexcom says right now.  You gotta live a little bit though.  I dont want to be 70 years old and look back and say now why the hell didn't I ever eat any stupid fast food while I could or while my stomach could handle it.  Our local county fair is this week so I guess you could say I was giving my stomach a warning for the onslaught of crappy, fat loaded, carb loaded junk I will be eating!  Hey, its a once a year thing! I sure hope one of the stands has good elephant ears this year, gosh darn those things are good!

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