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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why did I decide to start pumping insulin?....

I have been asked many many times why I started on insulin pump therapy. There are a few reasons actually.
First and foremost meeting my now husband made me decide to take better care of myself and actually have the drive to fight my disease back. My husband is my best friend and after meeting him and falling in love I decided I wanted to stick around and spend my life with him and hopefully have a child or two. To grow old with him and enjoy all of lifes moments ahead of us. He is a very brave man to get involved with a person with a lifelong chronic disease.

Meeting my CDE Calli McClain and finding out all this information that I was never given as a t1 diabetic was revolutionary to me. I had been failed, miserably, by the medical field. No endo had mentioned to me carb ratios, correction factors, different daytime carb ratios, none of that! I want diagnosed in 1950!!!! I was diagnosed in 2000!!! Insane! Calli was also a major turning point in my life and her drive to help me succeed instilled a drive inside me to take the reigns. Calli, again, you are awesome and deserve so much more than me telling you that, all the time!!! Our small rural community has NO IDEA how lucky we are to have a person like her around!

My family. I love my family, my parents and my younger brothers. Knowing my grandpa that I loved dearly died at such a young age from diabetes complications and smoking, I do not want to go down his path. I wish he could've had the tools I have to use so he could still be here today. I will use any and all tools available to me to control this damn disease. My brothers, both on insulin pumps now and t1 diabetics. I worry about them, non freaking stop but I feel a bit better knowing they are on pumps and knowing my brother that lives alone is on a cgm. I pray every single day for them to be safe and ok. I love my brothers dearly even though I was the worst older sister EVER, I still cant believe they even speak to me today.

My daughter. I am on an insulin pump and cgm because I want to be here for her as long as God allows me to be, not as long as Diabetes allows me to be. I want to see my grandkids if she chooses to have any. I want to see her grow up and be there for everything.

So for the years I was not on an insulin pump I did the best I could to control my disease with the tools I had and the crappy endos that were suppose to be helping me control my disease. I wish someone would have said a lot earlier to me, hey maybe you should see if there is a better way for you to be controlling your diabetes. I would have listened, because for a long time I had no idea there were better ways.

My brother for being the first to go on a pump. I was in a bad place in my life when he started pumping but after I got out of that situation I noticed he had a lot better handle on things. Crappy life situations=crappy diabetes care, because well, you just don't care about yourself anymore.
My husband and Calli pretty much saved my life in one way or another.

So yes, I went on a pump for myself but many people in my life playing an important role in giving me the push I needed to make that first step.

Tomorrow I will start my second pump ever in my 13 years of having type one diabetes. Am I excited? Excited doesn't even begin to describe how I feel.  A pump is like a four year marriage to a medical device, I don't take it lightly and I have been researching what pump to go to next since the end of last year....I am a very slow decision maker.

(Sorry for any typos, I am on a stupid touch screen smart phone, Ill fix them tomorrow) =D

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