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Friday, August 23, 2013

Son of a ***** that hurts and why are you staring at me?!

Yep just got out of a customers car and WHAM my infusion set stabbed me in the butt (I have it on the side of my butt/hip area)! I HATE that more than anything.  Haven't checked yet to see if I am bleeding because then I will have to pull the set.  Dammit.  I will have to pull it anyway because now it hurts and I am mad. Its so hard not to jump and scream AHHHH OUCH ***** OUCH ****** OUCH and grab the side of my butt in those moments!  I would actually use a lot more profanity but I am trying not to swear in this blog to keep it family friendly!  Stupid infusion sets. 

This moment also reminds me of the day I was driving on the way from rehearsal dinner for my cousins wedding and my leg infusion set stabbed me in the leg. So when we got out to the parking lot I jumped back out of the truck, pulled my pants down, in a public parking lot mind you and ripped my pump site out. Yep a whole lotta strangers got to see my underwear that day! Along with my aunt and my cousin! These moments brought to you by Diabetes and its ability to ruin a persons modesty!  Afterall Diabetes and modesty just don't go along together and I am not about to go to a bathroom, EVER to take a shot, when I was on shots. 

Totally off course here.  I actually was once employed by a retail department store for a short stint and the other employees had an issue with me taking my insulin, so the I was told to take it in the other break room and THEN I was told I had to sit or stand in the CORNER to take my insulin because I was making OTHER people uncomfortable!  REALLY how comfortable do you think Diabetes makes me feel?   They actually ACTUALLY suggested that I take my insulin in the BATHROOM where people go PEE and POOP!  You want me to stab myself with a needle in the same place people go POOP!?  Really?  Yeah that crap so did not happen nor did it fly with me! 

HELLO people with working pancreases, DIABETES MAKE US UNCOMFORTABLE TOO at  times! So don't stare, don't point, dont ask if we are shooting up drugs, don't assume we are shooting up drugs, and if you really want to know what we are doing ask if we are Diabetic, don't just stare like we have a third eye or three arms or something really crazy.  I have even asked people before if I have a third eye that I didnt know about.  Being on a pump makes my life somewhat easier and less stressful because less people stare. 

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